On October 10, our AMA manager Saigon Silver12k had a live AMA with Dan (CEO & Founder of TerraCredit) on BCT Blockchain Community telegram chat.

First step: Introduction

Saigon Silver12k: Hello everyone

Saigon Silver12k: Today , Dan as a Founder and CEO of TerraCredit will directly answer questions from members of the community BCT blockchain Group and sharing information plan, upcoming Terra Credit targets. Before starting the program I would like to briefly introduce the program so that everyone participating in the AMA session will know.

Mr.Dan: Hi, everyone I am happy to be here to share more info on TerraCredit DAO !

Saigon Silver12k: Part 1 : 10 excellent questions has been selected and Dan will reply to it.

Mr.Dan: Ok great :)

Saigon Silver12k: Part 2: 10 good questions will be chosen at random by Dan. good luck guys
Can you please introduce yourself to everyone ? ^^

Mr.Dan: Sure thing, my name is Dan Ronchese I am the founder of TerraCredit DAO. The project began officially in 2018 but work behind the scenes began a long time before then. I am born and raised and currently living in South Africa. I consider myself a problem solver and the situation all around me posed many problems that i wanted to solve. Today i will tell you much more about that.
Saigon Silver12k: Yahh, that’s great Dan

Mr.Dan: Terracredit DAO is a decentralized Autonomous Organization, with fast and cheap payments. We are focused on the unbaked sector and we propose $CREDIT as a suitable alternative to cash for the worlds unbanked population.
I am ready to move to Section 1 :)

Saigon Silver12k: Yes, very concise answer. okay we’ll get to the first question of part 1

Mr.Dan: :)

Question 1: What makes Terra different from other stablecoin projects like Tether and MakerDAO?
User question: @lethanh77

Mr.Dan: TerraCredit is not a stable coin, which is actually one of its strongest factors for adoption. Upside potential is a big factor.

Stable coins are great but for traders they provide only a safe haven, which in my opinion has had a big impact on BTC price, I digress but the fact that CREDIT is microcap with such a rich inventory of products and users means one thing for potential investors … opportunity.
So there are better ways to compare us to those coins, let’s look at transaction cost TerraCredit is virtually free and our speed is instant, zero confirmation transactions available for a tiny fee. TerraCredit also offers 100% anonymity as an option as well, using zCREDIT you can conduct transactions with complete privacy.
Let’s recap : TerraCredit is fast, cheap, private and has a lot of opportunity for growth price wise.

Saigon Silver12k: great, TerraCredit is really a perfect solution for future payments or money transfer, i think ^^
Yeh, we noted it
So we will going to question 2 now

Quesion 2: Every project has some behind the scenes story, So what is the story behind Terra ? Where this name come from? What is “”Terra”” mean?”
User question: @truongkhanh

Mr.Dan: Ok, I will take this time clear up some potential confusion between our Project : TerraCredit (CREDIT) and another project of a similar name. My name is Dan and their CEO is also Dan, but we are busy with very different work in different markets. our website is here https://terra-credit.com :) now that that is out of the way.
Terra means earth! Credit is your buying power, the coin for mass adoption must think like it was designed and be named accordingly. On Earth(terra) your buying power is (CREDIT Balance)
Our Porject TerraCredit (CREDIT) https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/credit/ is still a micro cap, African based DAO. We are focused on the unbaked adult population, over 2bn adults in the world with smartphones don’t have bank accounts. A large % of them are here in our native Africa. TerraCredit is A project that I started entirely on my own in Sandton Johannesburg, South Africa, we did not raise funds and we have never accepted investment of any kind.
We propose $CREDIT as the cash alternative, we have designed TerraBit https://www.terra-bit.io/ to be the an all in one payment app that stores, converts and facilitates payments of any kind including merchant services. All with 0 fee’s when transacting with $CREDIT.

Terrabit has for the last year https://coinpaprika.com/exchanges/terrabit/ served as a spot market as well, allowing users to easily slide between fiat and crypto. We partnered with paystack www.paystack.com at launch to offer debit and credit card payments for deposit and withdrawals of NGN (Nigerian Naira).
The app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.terrabitt also stakes $CREDIT earning a passive income right on your phone. It’s a very long answer but the point is we are the coin designed for mass adoption by creating income and seamless fiat conversion we are relevant to the unbanked today and we are making huge strides. We have over 165,000 registered users and growing every day.

Saigon Silver12k: Yes, TerraCredit’s achievements are all true and I checked this afternoon. This is truly a prestigious project and has a loyal community.

Mr.Dan: Thank you :)

Saigon Silver12k: They have a number of customers using the service up to 160k people and that is a testament to the TerraCredit team has made great efforts in development. Congratulations to TerraCredit team.

Mr.Dan: Makes us happy to hear it :)

Saigon Silver12k: Really interesting!!
We will go to question 3 , i cant wait to hear about TerraCredit now ^^

Question 3: What is the vision and mission of TerraCredit ? What problems are you trying to solve? Do these problems remain unsolved with the existing public blockchains?
User question: @pikach666

Mr.Dan: Our vision is simple, we aim to provide the worlds unbanked adult population with a digital cash replacement. The problems we are trying to solve are for those unbanked individuals, we provide an easy option to start hedging their cash fiat money into blockchain.

Saigon Silver12k: @dan448 your turn :))

I think the biggest issues with blockchains are: Scalability, fee’s and speed. Most valuable coins are not good in any of those departments. TerraCredit recently preformed a hardfork in anticipation of these issues we created a DAO.
A Decentralized Autonomous Organization. With governance, masternodes and POS staking that support a self funding model orchestrated through public channels but voted on by masternode consensus.
We are truly opensource our project source code is free and available to anyone, we have wallets for all types of devices, including mobiles, mining TerraCredit or running a masternode is easy and we have many stake holders who are commanding this advanced tech , who have no previous experience with cryptocurrency.
As I said earlier, TerraCredit has many benefits compared to major coins in the way of speed, cost and even privacy. We feel we have already solved all of those typical cryptocurrency issues, our daily work is to bring new users to the crypto space by improving access to crypto through fiat channels. Everyone else can fight for the existing crypto capital, we are generating new streams.

Saigon Silver12k: Yes, that’s a very detailed answer and once again we see the strength of TerraCredit that is fast, cheap and convenient.

Mr.Dan: We choose to specialize :) As a payment platform

Saigon Silver12k: Yeah i know that, great choice
So now is question 4 for you Dan

Question 4: Could you please shortly explain about the top milestones that TerraCredit is aiming to execute in the remainder of the year 2020 ?
User question: @kami09099

There are too many to mention, in the past. We have been delivering live working products since day 1 in 2018 I launched the first version of $CREDIT on mainnet, not one fork or any incident in 18 months on that first blockchain. Since the swap we have also achieved and large amount. I am sorry to say this but when it comes to delivering products for no investment, we stand alone globally.
I will direct you all to our roadmap https://terra-credit.com/about/ and you will see we are not some ICO funded project, failing to deliver even an MVP.

We have 5 companies registered in as many countries and in a day’s time access to credit will include debit and credit card transactions from any country in the world. This is happening through a new partner we are launching tomorrow. https://www.facebook.com/events/842328453241429/?post_id=848343799306561&view=permalink
The miletsones we still want to achieve this year are focused on zCREDIT, our privacy token. It works on the $CREDIT blockchain, all full node wallets like a desktop wallet for instance have a built in dex. They are able to mint and burn CREDIT to make zCREDIT. At an even 1 for 1 exchange rate forever.
zCREDIT transactions have no trace and can even be carried out in person and restored on any new wallet with 0 trace on the blockchain.
The transactions have the same speed and cost as normal $CREDIT transactions. And converting between the two is instant and done 100% by the owner of the decentralized node wallet. We aim to bring a new web and app based wallet, that serve zCREDIT exclusively which will broaden its access by allowing users with computers to acquire, hold and transact with zCREDIT.
Next year we will add zCREDIT staking as well with an incentivized reward structure. Terrabit is still finalizing its own mobile companion VISA cards to be issued through the app in the first half of next year. There is a lot going on, so come to join us @terracredit

Saigon Silver12k: The answer is very convincing and TerraCredit also has a very clear development plan for zCredit. hope the team maintains the fire and finishes soon zCredit to serve the community more fully and perfectly.

Mr.Dan: We have added much to it already and we continue as always :) https://proposal.terra-credit.com/

Saigon Silver12k: Great to hear that Dan
So question 5

Question 5: Terra credit is a great project but so are many other coins. What separates you from the rest that will convince buyers to invest in Credit?
User question:@koola

TerraCredit is still very cheap, a factor that might put an investor off buying it unless they actually heard what I am saying today, which is obviously all the Truth !.

We are a tiny little microcap coin, under $400k a tiny buy would net you thousands of coins, that you could put on the back burner and forget about for a year or two easily.

Now the potential of that scenario is unique in the market today.
Why ?

Well we are not new, fly by night or crooks. We are honest and we are doing good work, that’s extremely rare in crypto.

We feel our technology is leagues ahead of 99% of other projects, definitely the qualities suit us as a payment platform.

Sounds like a big ask for to suggest that you would be successful in investing in $CREDIT ?

Sounds like a big ask for to suggest that you would be successful in investing in $CREDIT ?

Well maybe our partners might convince you 😊 You can buy $CREDIT at Bitforex.com and Hotbit.com and if you have an online business you can use Terrabit qr checkouts or even coinpayments.com offers instant access to $CREDIT integration.

We simply lack exposure (we are working on it) and that’s OK, we want to grow organically so that we when we achieve new price levels they stick and extrapolate.

Saigon Silver12k: That is really a wise strategy. We don’t need to be in a hurry, we just need to know what we’re doing to get the best we can. Hope TerraCredit will become a unicorn soon in the future.
And we love your honestly ^^

Mr.Dan: Naturally we try to do our best always to make the time less :)
:) we try !

Saigon Silver12k: Yeah we see thatt
So next is question 6

Question 6: Many new projects made a good impression at first but were suddenly abandoned. How will you manage the project and token to gain a place in the market and become a best token in the blockchain world?
User question: @QuyenCao93

Its starts like this, number 1 : Have realistic expectations, Bitcoin is digital gold. It changed my life and made this work I do possible. We don’t want to beat it, we want to join it up there in the top 10. We feel our work improves access to all cryptocurrencies as we provide access in terabit for all major crypto’s.
Number 2 : Do things differently, apart from the anonymity of Satoshi I have in all aspects tried to emulate Bitcoins success. I abandoned the ICO model for a global airdrop and bounty. We sold nothing and delivered everything. Focused on mining and decentralization through coin dispersal and many non competitive miners.
Number 3 : Accessibility, we pride ourselves in making our POS mechanisms accessible to anyone, wallets are free, reliable and easy to use. You can stake CREDIT on any device.]
Number 4 : Don’t fight for existing crypto users, we take our energy to unbanked users in developing nations. We gain new users primarily.
Number 5 : Focus on the community, we take our design and development lead from our users. We have developed Terrabit a full spot market, with p2p trade books. Users who cannot trade, 99% of users do not know how to trade, use the simple auto buy and sell functions we designed on our easy to sue Dashboard. Terrabit makes using, storing and even Staking $CREDIT easy as 1,2,3.

Saigon Silver12k: Those are the right moves and maybe in the future TerraCredit will be the REAL BANK in our crypto market. Many thanks for your enthusiastic answer Dan 😍😍

Mr.Dan: Its not work if you love what you do, our team is tireless :)

Saigon Silver12k: Sure, it’s the truth of life and I believe your team will.

Mr.Dan: :)

Saigon Silver12k: So here is question 7 for you

Question 7: What is the Role of Tokens in your # TerraCredit & why do you need Blockchain, if Yes you need Blockchain then why you need $ TerraCredit tokens?

The native token of the TerraCredit DAO (blockchain) is CREDIT and we have made a private option zCREDIT the uses of both within the blockchain are many.
1. TerraCredit has always been POS, proof of stake requires tokens to create blocks and it puts the investmnent capital in the right place. Into the asset itself, removing coins from circulation as the coin itself is need to earn from block production.

2. TerraCredit is a payment platform, it needs to be fast and cheap to make it an alternative to other slower and much more expensive blocxkchains.

3. To play a role in governance, budgets and to earn additional CREDIT you need to be a masternode operator, masternode operators need a minimum of 50,000 CREDIT to have 1 vote.

4. zCREDIT offers full privacy to users.

Saigon Silver12k: That’s a very complete answer to how TerraCredit works, thank you for helping us understand more about TẻaCredit ☺️

Mr.Dan: ;)

Saigoin Silver12k: Sorry guys 😂
Now is question 8

Question 8: How does TerraCredit evaluate the importance of the user community? In the near future, does TerraCredit have any special plans to attract and expand the community ?

Mr.Dan:We are always growing and looking to grow, that’s exactly why I am here today. TerraCredit, Terabit and even our new partner launching tomorrow all have very specific goals that are always centered around growth.
We use TerraBit as the primary vehicle to drive through Africa. We use our retail branches to offer a physical place for our low tech unbanked users, they are able to have a live demonstration and physical support with the understanding of how the app works.
They are also able to make use of our cash handling services to fund their wallets, after all they don’t have bank accounts. We have a new branch opening in Lagos, Nigeria with many more to follow in time.
We are always trying to grow and deliver the products our community need and want.
we believe both go hand in hand. :)

Saigon Silver12k: Yahh, i see your enthusiasm for the project
In fact , Africa is a very potential market for TerraCredit in particular and the crypto market in general. Africans are heavily involved in crypto activities and they are willing to abandon fiat money for new crypto technologies. Wish your team will be successful doing business in Africa, we are waiting for the good news from you.

Mr.Dan: Exactly and you need to take the solution to them, often physically. In the communities.

Saigon Silver12k: That’s right Dan. We love to hear that
To keep the fire going for our AMA we will continue with question 9.

Mr.Dan: yay :)

Question 9: Have you meet all your goals in the roadmap till now? And were there any difficulties that you didn’t expect and were not prepared TerraCredit? When looking back at your time working TerraCredit TerraCredit what are you most proud of?

Mr.Dan:Yes we have met and exceeded our roadmap for the last 2 years, taking 0 investment money and simply delivering ahead of schedule every time. It’s so contradictory to the industry standards that most people experience in crypto.
The global lockdown was a curve ball ….. that saw $CREDIT thrive, we gained many users and the price went up.

Other issues that did not go so well are, hackers, they have since day 1 been at our throats.
Obviously our blockchain is safe from them :) Thank goodness for decentralization and encryption.
Our first bad experience was with tellus pay this was Terrabit’s predecessor and it was not good, we spent a fair bit of money on it but after about 3 months it was found to be trash, no users lost money but it was the situation that arose that made us realize we must start again.

Which we did gladly, that’s one thing about us, we have exceptionally high standards and above all else we drive to deliver perfect products, so the improvement never ends because nothing can be perfect…
Our solution was to move everyone to terabit, which has been much better. The main problem with centralized solutions is that they are vulnerable, We are rolling out big changes now to terabit, both security and functionality that will improve it a lot and we feel the work on it will never be concluded, we take our design lead from the community and we try to deliver what they want, in as safe a way as possible.
I would say I am most proud of the people in our community, my support team and everyone is extremely dedicated to the success of $CREDIT. This all started as just me, by myself, so when I sell all the names and all the newcomers, that’s what makes me proud. And I am proud to put my name on the line and I take my responsibility very seriously, my commitment is equal to theirs.

Saigon Silver12k: yes, this is certainly the most devoted CEO I have ever talked to. I always hope that you will continue to keep the fire and overcome all the challenges, as I said above, the road to TerraCredit’s “Unicorn” will be faster than you guys think. 😉😉

Mr.Dan: To quit is the only guaranteed route to failure, terra team never quits. We learn diversify and proceed to defeat our issues.

Saigon Silver12k: Nice to hear that Dan . We trust in you

Mr.Dan: :)

Saigon Silver12k: So
We will continue with the final question of part 1

Question 10: I see in your project, Credit can be minted ZCredit coin. And the ZCredit coin is transferred without history on the Blockchain, I see this as a great feature, is secure and private. So what plans do you have to promote this feature to the user community? because I see a lot of users still do not fully understand the great feature of ZCredit.
User question: @chienphan1412

Mr.Dan: mpared to other private solutions we are up there with the best. Not slow and problematic, easy to use and fast.

As I mentioned earlier we are making the web and app wallet for zCREDIT exclusively, this will broaden the accessibility and enhance the appeal.

The bulk of our users don’t need privacy, they are just normal people wanting a digital money solution which we deliver, zCREDIT is the cherry on top that adds limitless potential for our DAO as a whole.

Just one of many facets, we will obviously continue to grow and promote it’s use.

But as with TerraCredit DAO as a whole and another reason why $CREDIT is a low risk long term investment is because of our undiscovered value.

You have heard our list of developments and now you will see that tomorrow 160 countries will be able to use a decentralized solution to buy major crypto with a credit or debit card and even apple pay. This will allow them to instantly buy credit for BTC, USDT and ETH.

Is this an overnight success story, no TerraCredit DAO is a real project with a real time line. We are growing organically and simply looking for the tipping point, if you have been even slightly impressed by anything I have said today then please take a look at us.

Saigon Silver12k: Yes, thank you very much for the enthusiastic and detailed answers. After all this information, I think our community has also realized the potential of TerraCredit in the future.
In order not to take much time, we will quickly get to part 2. Ten excellent questions will be chosen by Dan.

Saigon Silver12k: Are you ready, Dan ?
Mr.Dan: Yes lets go :)

Saigon Silver12k: There will be more than thousand questions for you now :)))
Okay let get it

Mr.Dan: I am ready :)

Part 2: People ask questions about ComBo to guests directly (will choose 5 questions to award)

Saigon Silver12k:
It’s nearly 2000 questions for you
Feel free to choose the 10 best questions, Dan
We are waiting for you 😉

Question 1: Does Terra Credit team have any internal target for token valuation for 2020? At what price points do you think the team will unload their vested tokens?

Mr.Dan: We always push for the maximum value, we don’t really discuss price because we have no control,over it. We rely on supply and demand. The team has no tokens to speak of, we use the governance model to fund the project. In order for the governance budgets to work we need to continuously maximize value. 5% of all block rewards are paid into the governance budget, applications must be summitted through the masternode network and must be supported by them to achieve the funding. Another reason why we stay close to the community, they need to approve our budgets so we need to deliver what they want and gain their support or no money for the Team.

Saigon Silver12k: @CSNDer người may mắn đầu tiên đây r :)))

Question 2: Is Your project a Global project ?
Is any of the local communities restricted from contributing to the project ?

Mr.Dan: Yes, we have users from every country imaginable. Our team is decentralized as well, with members from all over the world. Our solutions and products are aimed even at people with bank accounts, after all why pay fee’s if you dont have too.

Phuc: Rất may mắn chúc mừng @Arlo100 là người chiến thắng tiếp theo
Very fortunate congratulations @ Arlo100 as the next winner

Question 3: 🌏🌍Transactions on terracredit’s blockchain are theorically spendable in less than 1 second, have you done the proofs necessary to ensure it has scalability enough to have that speed with mass adoption?

Mr.Dan: Yes, we currently have capacity to handle 176 transactions per second. This is in the top 0.1% of all coins ever made. Scalability is not an issue with a POS blockchain, we have a large amount of block producers already and always have had. Its true instant transactions are available and authorized through he masternode network, these masternodes hold a copy of the blockchain available for instant confirmation of new transactions. Obviously we are not naïve enough to think the work is done, so we continue.

Phuc: Lại là người may mắn tiếp theo rất chúc mừng cho @Rosane1a8
The next lucky person is very congratulating @ Rosane1a8

Question 4:
— Terra Credit is an African project and all its efforts have been focused on Africa. Do you plan to expand your horizons and expand your target to other countries and continents?

  • Is the only way to store $CREDIT in the desktop wallet? Can this currency be stored in other wallets? Are you going to develop a wallet for smartphones?

Mr.Dan: No, the first statement is wrong. Our initial global airdrop was truly international and not bound to any specific region. We have many marketing activities such as this AMA for example, which is in a non African group. We have a multi proged marketing approach and we do what we can when we can in new markets.

Terracredit can be stored at any one of 5 exchanges, and even at Terrabit :) No need for a desktop PC, remember 99,99% of users live below the breadline and cannot afford a computer.

Phuc: Lại rất cố gắng cho câu hỏi của mình và @Winterkom là người tiếp theo giành chiến thắng
Do my best to my question again and @Winterkom is next to win

Question 5: Although ETH 2.0 is delayed to next year, but it will solve all exist problem of ETH and become the best choise for dApps in future, so do you think this is a threat for Your project and how could you overcome this barrier?

Mr.Dan: No and we are proud to say we are POS from day 1. We are not a dapp chain so the comparison is incorrect but I answered because we had the foresight to choose POS over POW when we designed CREDIT. this puts the mining capital into the asset and not equipment, better for miners because they never need to upgrade and better for the coin because it removes coins from circulation and drives demand through passive income. All the same reasons ETH is moving to POS are the same reasons we avoided POW from inception.

Phuc: Chúc mừng cho @hobbs9 đã chiến thắng cho câu hỏi thứ 5
Congratulations to @ hobbs9 for winning on question 5

Question 6: Projects that are not traded on major exchanges remain unnoticed. What do you think about listing the Terra Credit token on the leading exchanges?

Mr.Dan: We are on Hotbit and Bitforex, we think they are great and cover the globe for our potential users. Both have been top 5 exchanges and are great partners for us.

Phuc: Chúc mừng cho @sunaoie đã tiếp tục chiến thắng
Congratulations to @sunaoie for continuing to win

Question 7: Terra Credit offer something that i never Saw before, “Mobile Mining” so can you explain how this works? Can be used from any Mobile device? Or just that ones with enough CPU Power?

Mr.Dan: Yes, first of all $CREDIT uses quark based POS to “mine” therefor it is not power hungry or intensive, a green coin if you wish. We developed MiniNOde as a staking pool comprised of masternodes and coins staking on POS. Its really easy and works like an investment account, you transfer CREDIT into mininode and every hour it pays you the profit, up to 10% a year. there is also 5 levels of bonus from referral and this is also paid every hour, when they earn you earn. So even withou8t investment you can earn from CREDIT today if you can bring users.

Phuc: Chúc mừng @Tony253210 đã tiếp tục chiến thắng
Congratulations @ Tony253210 for continuing to win

Saigon Silver12k: Yes, it is a very good strategy to attract more users around the world. very great, keep it going my friend ^^

Question 8: How do you plan to spread your understanding of the project in different countries where spoken English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to use to better understand your project?

Mr.Dan: I am currently conducting an AMA tour, apart from regular Telegram AMA’s like this one. I have partnered with BTS labs and we will be busy promoting CREDIT through AMA in China. We run banner ads on coinzilla and do regualr press releases to build brand awareness, but there is always a level of responsibility on every community member to play their role in growing the project through referral. in fact in Africa word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising.

Phuc: Đã có người chiến thắng tiếp theo đó chính là @demacio
The next winner is @demacio

Question 9: What is total supply ? Are your plans to focus on market or to grow community?

Mr.Dan: POS coins have no total supply, but we have about 80m coins in circulation and it takles 100 years to mine 1 billion coins. This is very low and as a POS chain most of those 80m coins are tied up in masternodes and or staking and are not actually in circulation, you will find out if you try to buy a lot, there is no one selling big amounts. Price goes up easily.

Phuc: Chúc mừng @Arlo100 đã tiếp tục chiến thắng ở câu hỏi thứ 9
Congratulations @ Arlo100 on winning question 9

Question 10: Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Mr.Dan: The CREDIT blockchain automatically burns al;l transaction fee’s, earning is done seen through new coins created in the process of block production. We emit 20 coins per block, split 5% to governance, 47.5% to masternodes and 47.5% to POS. We recently burned 14.5 million coins, reducing supply from 100m to 80m plus.

Phuc: Đã có người chiến thắng thứ 10 đó chính là @professor099
The 10th winner is @ professor099

Mr.Dan: And thats it guys 10 amazing questions, this was an exceptional AMA one that I wont forget soon. I personally look forward to welcoming you all to our community, come in any capacity but just come and join us.

Saigon Silver12k: okayy. So we had an interesting conversation and hope that after this AMA session will answer the questions of investors. Thank you very much for the participation.

On behalf of the admin team and the BCT blockchain community, I send my best wishes to TerraCredit

Alright, so before we officially end this session. Do you have something to share into the community?

Mr.Dan: On behalf of TerraCredit DAO we thank you all for your interest in our work. Stay tuned !!!!

Saigon Silver12k: Okay, thank you so much
But do you have somethings to share into our community now ? ^^

Mr.Dan: Big hugs from Sunny South Africa ! Bye for now.

Mr.Dan: Watch tomorrow the launch, of the new partner on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/events/842328453241429/?post_id=848343799306561&view=permalink

Khuong: Niceee
Thank you so much

Saigon Silver12k: Okay i noted it
Alright, you guys are on fire. So i think most of the important questions have been already answered.

Mr.Dan: Bye bye :)

— — End AMA — —



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