📣 BCT Blockchain Community 🇻🇳 AMA with Omphalos

📣 BCT Blockchain Community 🇻🇳 We are delighted to be holding a special AMA with OMPHALOS
On October 22, 2020 at 22:00 (GMT + 7)

First step: Introduction

Saigon Silver12k: Today , Mr. Miladinovic Goran and Davorin Bebek will directly answer questions from members of the community BCT blockchain Group and sharing information plan, upcoming Omphalos targets.

Before starting our AMA, could you please introduce yourself as well as about the Omphalos to everyone ? ^^


Yes sure

I am Davorin, I spent last 5 years working as the marketing and community manager for various crypto projects. More than 40 are on my list. Now I am focused on Omphalos.

We are Omphalos, an elastic supply cryptocurrency protocol built for web3 and Defi Applications. Our goal is to be the cornerstone of the DeFi universe.

Omphalos consists of five “pillars”: Decentralized Bank, Council, Omphalos Spring, Omphalos Adesha, and Omphalos Proxeny.

Saigon Silver12k: wow, Omphalos is a project full of potential and interesting.

Davorin: Can’t agree more

Saigon Silver12k: So in order not to lose any more time, we will get into the section 1. The 5 best questions have been selected by us.

Are you ready sir ?

Davorin: Yes!!

Saigon Silver12k:


So now Question 1

1. Most users only care about immediate benefits rather than the real value of the project in the long-term. How can you convince users invest to your platform in the long-term?

User question: @lathanh17091993

Davorin: Nice question!!

We would offer multiple financial derivatives for long-term holders. OMPL can be used in Omphalos Spring liquidity farming or be staked in Borrow & Lend of Omphalos Adesha. These options will provide long-term participants with lucrative profits. However, the unique feature is that we engage DAO in these profit-making projects. Our users can vote for how they would like staking to be or if OMPL should cooperate with CEX or DEX or that we develop our own staking platform. We don’t intend to limit ourselves in blockchain, and instead will try to bring our financial products to traditional organisation. This should be really awesome.

Saigon Silver12k:

Yes, and that’s a great problem solving. With such a mechanism, Omphalos will truly be a highlight of the current projects.

Thank you for detailed answer sir!!

Now we going to the next question

And this is also a nice question too

2. Auditing plays an important intermediary role in the development of DeFi projects. What audit methods has Omphalos applied in project development? Can you talk more about it?
User question: @danhtc1107

Davorin: Yes sure, audit is very important.
We will conduct a third party security audit check with a reputable on-chain security firm — QuantStamp. We have made contact with them, details will come soon and will be shared with our dear community members

Saigon Silver12k:

QuantStamp is also a prestigious organization that Omphalos has chosen the right partner to solve this problem.

Davorin: Thx on your support

Saigon Silver12k: I will definitely post information on our group when there is news from him guys ^^

Okay, what a nice answer sir

Now we will continue to Question 3

3. What features/improvements are you planning to add to your products in the near future?
User question: @BashirianFaye

Davorin: Ok

Liquidity mining and decentralized borrowing are on the development pipeline. What makes Omphalos stand out is that we use an instant liquidation process, that the users can have a lower liquidation ratio compared to other borrowing Defi Projects. For example, MakerDao requires 150% of collateral while we can hold only 120- 130% with our instant liquidation mechanism. Also now our focus is on creating OMPL token and organising successful sale.
So we will be pretty busy in the following days and months.

Saigon Silver12k: 120% — 130% is a reasonable collateral at this time. Wish you will soon achieve the goals that the team has set out in the future.

Davorin: Thx very much

Saigon Silver12k: This is yet another point of difference from the Omphalos project, I’m really excited about it guys

So here is Question 4 for you sir

4. how to stabilize the price. Does Omphalos have large funds?
User question: @CyrusKertzmann

Davorin: This is good to explain

Saigon Silver12k: Yep, i do think so sir ^^

A good question

Davorin: OMPL will have less volatility compared to other tokens with our daily rebase process, when the price goes up, users get more tokens in the wallet, when the price goes down, tokens will be subtracted. Bringing the price of OMPL always within a healthy stable range.

The automatic rebase process will kick in when the OMPL coin price is above $1.06 ( increase supply) or below $0.96 (decrease in supply), to ultimately bring the token price back to a $1 equilibrium.

Rebase will happened every 24 hours.
For details of rebase process please visit: https://omphalos.co/rebase/

Saigon Silver12k: Great price balancing mechanism, I wish the Defi projects I participated in before had a mechanism like this

That’s really a good answer

So we will go to the last question of Session 1

5. What do you think about the Asian market? Does your team Omphalos planning to reach other countries with potential crypto markets, and have large teams and investors wanting to work and monetize crypto?
User question: @ErmatovJohon

Davorin: Asian market is the most important to us. We have team members also from Asia. That’s why we are organising so much AMAs with Asian people specially Vietnamese community. We hope people from Asia will join our project and be active investors when time comes for that.
All details about upcoming sales will be presented soon.

Saigon Silver12k:

Yes and you made the right choice when doing AMA with our group ^^


Davorin: Absolutely 100%

Saigon Silver12k: So this ended Session 1 with 5 wonderful questions from the AMA participants.

We’re going to Session 2 with the next five good questions picked by Davorin, are you ready sir? ^^

Davorin: Yes sure

Part 2: People ask questions about Omphalos to guests directly (will choose 5 questions to award)

Saigon Silver12k:

Session 2 will startt







let’s choose 5 best questions sir

Davorin: Will chose 5 questions

ahihi132 | Crypto Trader:

What is the best, your most favourite feature of OMPHALOS that you will boast of in front of other companies and maybe inspiring you to build this project?

Davorin: I personally like DAO feature which will allow our OMPL holders to make decisions about future moves, how we will develop, what will be next step etc. This will bring huge interest to all our investors.


Currently, there are a lot of AMAs in different communities such as Vietnam, Indonesia, China, … and I think you want to attract more angel investors in Vietnam, you can tell me at Why did you choose Vietnam as AMA because today? Is this a steady good market you want to grow?

Davorin: We chose Vietnam because we see a lot of potential on this market, more people are getting involved in crypto here, new projects are coming from there and we hope to see s lot of Vietnamese investors in Omphalos

Nutavv is ME:

What are some milestones to look forward to? What do you predict your largest challenges will be in the future? How do you plan to address them?

Davorin: Our biggest milestone now is creation of OMPL token and organisation of private, public sale and listings.

Dilys Ada:

I am a crypto hacker. Do OMPHALOS think your ecocsystem is safety with me ? Does your project have reward or something for who find the bug of your ecocsystem ?


In the future we will consider to make bug competitions for sure. This will help us to be even more efficient and secure.


How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates??


For sure we big media presence and its growing every day. You can find it here: Omphalos.co
Twitter, Telegram group, announcement channel, Vietnamese community and many more will come.

Saigon Silver12k:

yes thank you for the 5 very enthusiastic and wonderful answers sir ^^

okayy. So we had an interesting conversation and hope that after this AMA session will answer the questions of investors. Thank you very much for the participation.


Soo many questions

Saigon Silver12k:

so before we officially end this session. Do you have something to share into the community?


Thank you all for having me

Follow our telegram group please and support us in the future

— —END AMA — —



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